This past weekend I was thinking about my first blogs and how most of the content surrounded around what I wore and did during my work day. Three years later, I'm pretty excited to share a post reminiscent of those days; especially since they've  become few and far between! Side note, I noticed after this shoot how fogged up my glasses were; which says a lot about how cold it was yesterday (bruhh)!💨💨 No seriously, I am very cold natured (those who truly know me can vouch for that) but I have grown to love and appreciate the cold for more reasons than one. I still feel it the same but I just don’t complain and allow it to hinder or limit my activities any longer. I called that growth!😃

Yesterday was the first day back at school with the students and to say that I felt anything other than indifference would be an exaggeration. After spending the past two weeks ripping and running, falling ill (cold and sinuses) and Ohh in my car most of the time; I need a real break!!😩 You get it...Right !!!? However, back to the grind!  Now, I’ve kept this work wardrobe regimen for quite sometime ( It had been abandoned over the past couple months) but as of late, the zest for all of it had disappeared. I told myself on Sunday night that I needed to re-adopt my regimen to give myself that extra push that I knew I would need to get back into the swing of the inevitable that was about to take place the following day. Ya know what the old adage says, "When you look good, you feel good"! It wasn't that I was going to be super dressed up or anything but I was back on my regimen and that shifted my whole outlook!😃 
Everyone knows that my favorite pieces of clothing to wear are skirts, dresses and one pieces; super easy and comfy. I especially love midi and full skirts; they are just super chic…!!!  I picked up this skirt a few years ago and I’m just getting around to wearing it!

What I'm wearing:  Wool Midi Camel Skirt: Mango a few years ago| Red turtleneck: Old Navy| Plaid Toggle Coat| Zara a couple of years ago| Two toned shearling  Booties: Sam Edelman: Pom Hat : F21( old) 

Now that Christmas is over with I’m totally ready for Summer! What about you?!
Thanks for stopping by….Love Sharmana