As of recent, I'd found my self in a bit of a conundrum. You see I had reverted back in to some old ways that were obliterated from my life (so I'd thought)!! I found myself falling back into allowing the opinions of others matter to me! Now, I do believe that sound advice is important but when it's surface advice from people whose beliefs, morals, values and actions are grounded in superficial things that are fleeting than be very careful. People have the tendency to try and control others with their opinions ( human nature and I can be found guilty of this myself) however some will quickly discard you if it doesn't fit their agenda!! I do understand that everyone is trying their best to enjoy their lives in the very best way that they know how but it's highly imperative to surround yourself with people who will be their for you during the good and tough times! 

What prompted the urgency of this post?! Well it kinda boils down to self-worth. I've always wanted my blog to be a platform for Empowerment of myself and all women!! While Style, Fashion and Love is important to me ; Love is the greatest of all three!! Love for oneself is most important and I believe that the essence of how you view yourself comes down to the very fiber of your being! I know that how one look (clothes, hair, size and skin) affects most people's self esteem but the reflection in the mirror comes down to what is found on the inside. The way you feel from the inside out and being confident in that is what stimulates your total self: self esteem, self efficacy and your self worth! 

After attending "The Talk" presented by TWIN : Jerry and Terry Lynn  at David Lusk Gallery on yesterday, I was impacted in a great way by the words that flowed from my husband and brother in law's mouth. As they spoke about their art work in a bold and fluid manner; I feel that my art should mirror the same. 

What I’m wearing: Basquiat Shirt: Forever 21| Hooded Cardigan: Forever 21| Pants: French Connection| Booties: Sam Edelman | David Yurman: Jewelry | Prada: Sunnies | Alexander Wang: Handbag 

Dana, Mana and Quita in front of "Passage"painting by My husband Terry Lynn...! 

Selfie with the hubs: He's wearing Denim on Denim with a black cardigan: Styled by me...!:) 

        Great Job guys..."The Talk" was a huge success in more ways than one!! 
                       Thanks for reading!! Much Love...Sharmana!