Wearing this beautiful FREE PEOPLE dress got me to thinking about the things in life that brings me freedom. I can go on and on about those things but today I’ll share a few. Innately, I am a dreamer, escapist, an explorer. So, naturally I love traveling and being outdoors!! I don’t do well in hostile and negative environments. Optimism brings me life!!! As, I wander  through the streets of DC, NYC or anytime I travel, my primary goal is to see and experience things through new eyes. To explore my favorite/new stores, museums, restaurants, galleries, monuments, books or a body of water is  always my mission! Doing these things brings me so much freedom!! 

Personally, the older I get the more Free I feel! I’m no longer concerned with what people think of me and that use to really plague me when I was younger. Recently, I was talking and sharing with my sister-in-law Elizabeth who has suffered as an achoholic for many years. She is now six months sober, rededicated her life to Christ, goes to bible study and actively helps others who are suffering from the disease. She was telling me how free she feels and how much easier life is for her now. “I didn’t know life could be this easy, once I gave up control and gave it to God, everything just got better for me”; she said. Her dedication is so inspiring  and  it makes me want to work harder at being a better person.

Here are some things that has given me freedom. First my relationship with Christ is pretty solid: meaning that I am not ashame of my walk, I know that I am nothing without him, I know that I am no better than anyone else, I absolutely love sharing him and I am learning how to relinquinsh control over to him more each day ( that was always so hard for me because I’m a control freak…insert emoji!!). Whom the son sets free is free indeed--RIGHT!! Secondly, cutting my hair and going natural allowed me to embrace my beauty and culture like never before. That was HUGE for me because, I was that girl in the hair salon every single week or two weeks for hours with that creamy crack in my head. Now, when I started doing Bikram Yoga, I lost a lot inhibitions. Bikram has taught me how to quiet my mind, elongate my body in ways that I never knew I could, embrace my body and have more compassion (not pity) for myself. Running also brings me an IMMENSE amount of freedom!!  I get this amazing feeling when I run and I’m so grateful that I am able to run long distance. Lets face it, I’m not naturally skinny; I have a big legs, hips and a butt that I use to detest. I can’t just eat whatever I want, I have to watch my weight and I always have. It doesn’t bother me as much now because I’ve trained my body to reject certain foods. I like to eat foods that make me feel good and that are good for me. Although, my number one vice is sweets, I’m very picky about those as well and I only like them around certain times of the month (I’ll talk more about it later). Back to my love affair with running, when I first started running I was 18 years old and I couldn’t run far at all especially without huffing and puffing. I gradually build up to 1- 5 miles running outside during the summer months and on the treadmill during the colder months ( I hate the treadmill now).  It wasn’t until someone at the gym made a negative comment about the number of miles that I run and how she runs wayyy more miles than me. That was enough to ignite the passion that was already in me. Thats when I started training for my first half marathon. Last year, I ran my first full marathon and that was huge for me!! It gave me so much freedom. Being able to push my body  in that way was so liberating! Lastly and mostly my freedom comes from Love: Love is the greatest thing ever!!! I am a lover,  I love so hard and I love loving on people. I especially love my husband who puts up with my spoil self, my daughter who has taught me so much about life and myself!! They both make me feel  extremely FREE!!  

Now to this Free People dress which I absolutely love and screams Boho Chic. Free People is the definition of Boho in my book!! This beautiful dress can be found Here.

Since a lot of Free People’s summer dresses are rather sheer,  I always wear something under their dresses unless I’m at the beach. 
I wore yoga shorts and bra under the dress. Curves and Big Hair!! Whoop Whoop!!! 
Thanks for Stopping by....Peace, Love and Freedom, Sharmana!!!