Wild and windy describes this day to a T. My hair was still very curly and bouncy and the wind was blowing it  all over the place. I didn’t mind much because I don’t get it straightened that often plus that also describes what’s going on in my head most of the time. I’m constantly dreaming of being on the beach or at some festival like Coachella or Lollapalooza. My summer style is reminiscent of that as well, kinda like the 60’s.You know that Woodstock era, where I’m always wearing: big sunnies, gladiator sandals, crop tops, knotted tanks, full-skirts, sundresses, cut offs and flip-flops. While lying on the beach sun-bathing, reading, sitting by a lake basking in the moment, jamming it out to my favorite singers/bands at a concert, dancing on a rooftop, dining on the patio with my favorite people or simply fishing off of some bank in the middle of nowhere with my husband. Now that’s an ideal situation!! Being outside and during outdoorsy things is a never-ending euphoria. All I want to do is wear easy breezy pieces and blow across the wind just like wildfire:)  
I picked up this boho crop top last summer that can be worn more than one way from 
Urban Outfitters. This lightweight denim skirt is from Forever 21 and is no longer available online. However, you still may be able to find it in the store. My gladiator sandals are Diesel and they’re also no longer available. However, there are similar pieces like these everywhere!:)
Music is also HUGE for me and I don’t know how I forgot to mention it in my Free People post but it  brings me so much freedom and makes me feel alive.
So, here are two of my favorite songs that are titled Wildflower. I love both of these songs and they have been on constant rotation in my car over the last couple weeks.
“WildFire"by John Mayer and “WildFire" by Seafret!!
Thanks for stopping by: Love Sharmana