For the last six years, I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga. I am so grateful that I found this practice. 
There are so many misconceptions about yoga, and many people believe that Christians shouldn’t do yoga at all. Well, I vehemently disagree with that. I am a Christian and I would never denounce Christ for any exercise. I am not saying that Bikram is about Christ (I am about Christ) and that means spreading his love wherever I go. We do not chant in Bikram or worship other gods ; our focused is on breathing properly. We do the same 26 postures along with two breathing exercises. All of the postures have medicinal and healing benefits. Bikram Yoga has allowed me to make friends all over the country. There is a Bikram Yoga studio in almost every city and country around the world. So, I never have any excuse to not do yoga and that's how I like it. 
Fast forwarding to last Saturday, I attended a going away celebration for the best Bikram Yoga teacher that I’ve ever had the privilege to practice under. There is so much that I can say about Mirna (sounds like Mitna). First of all she is so positive, patient and encouraging. She pushes you to work extremely hard while applauding all of your efforts. She is matter fact in the kindness way and her personality along with her  energy is just infectious! I hate that I didn’t get to spend more time practicing under her however, I am grateful for the time that I did. I’m sure our paths will cross again!:)))
Mirna guided many of us Yogis in a demonstration last month outside in front of a live audience.
I was so honored to be apart of the event!!

Kim, Madison, Mirna, Christine and Mana at Aldo’s Pizza.

What I’m wearing: Jumpsuit: Forever 21| Sandals: Valentino | 
Handbag:Vintage Chanel| Sunnies: Forever 21

The hubs and I enjoyed the fun and Aldo’s pizza was yummy!:)
Today is International Yoga Day and  you can practice at  Bikram Yoga 
Memphis free all day!! What a treat!:))
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to try Bikram soon. You’ll be happy you did!!
Namaste: Sharmana