Can’t believe that summer will be coming to an end for many very soon! 
It seems like just yesterday that we got out of school for summer break! Time flies so fast!!
Here are some photos that I took on my phone during my second trip to DC this summer.
I ordered these floral swing shorts with the sash last summer from Forever 21.
They can be tied many ways. 
I usually shop online unless I am traveling. I think it’s easier don’t you agree?1:)
How cute is the back of my crop top from Urban Outfitters?!
I love how it ties up!:) 
My shades are also Forever 21. I love my high-end sunnies but 
I’m all for mixing low-end with high-end especially on carefree trips like this one.

My striped handbag is Marc Jacobs .

Sandals: You guys have seen them a lot this summer are by Diesel.

One of my favorite foods is Mexican: I like anything with a lot fresh non-starchy veggies and very little carbs! My meat of choice is always seafood or none at all. I will eat chicken or turkey from time to time but I try to keep it to a minimum. Lunch date with my daughter at the #DistrictTaco
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