For those of you who are wondering what in the world does “On the 6” mean?! The 6 Train is the famous subway train in NYC that JLO titled her first album after, over 16 years ago. Riding the 6 got me to thinking about "Jenny from the Block" and how she always talked about the “6”. The 6 train takes you all the way from the Bronx (Uptown) to Downtown Manhattan. No, it’s not the only train that takes you from Downtown to Uptown but this was the one she rode most of the time. My number one girl crush has always been JLO!!! If you know me then you already know this!! Did you guys see that dress that she wore for her  46th birthday ??? All I can say is GET IT Jennifer!!!! She so inspires me to keep working hard toward  all of my fitness goals!!! Plus when you take care of your temple your whole outlook on life changes!! Don’t you agree?!  
What I’m wearing: An off the shoulder romper from Urban Outfitters | Chloe Bag | Zara Sandals 
F21 Sunnies
Healthy eating is so important to reaching all of my fitness goals. My body craves juices everyday!!
I absolutely Love Juicing!! I actually started juicing over 12 years ago before it became popular. I use to hate vegetables when I was younger but I knew that I needed the nutrients. So, at the time I would mix vegetables together with apple, grapefruit, grape or cranberry juice. Now, I don’t even drink juices like that anymore. I drink my veggie juices with water only and almond or cashew milk when I’m making a smoothie!:))
This was a beet, carrots, kale, parsley, ginger and green apple juice. So yummy!!!

I can’t believe how much my daughter looks like me. Sometimes I look at her and think WOW!!!
 I’m looking at myself!!!
I’m in Soho in these pictures. Soho is probably my favorite area of Manhattan!! 
I think!:)))
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