For as long as, I can remember, I’ve had aspirations of owning my own business and truly following my dreams. Unfortunately, for a very longtime, I allowed what people think of me to become a major obstacle.You see, I didn’t want to be labeled as just another materialistic, stereotypical and superficial light-skinned black girl. I know silly RIGHT?!….but we’ve all been there before in some shape, form or fashion (allowing what humans think and say about us to hinder us in some way). Then one day, I had a major epiphany. I came to the realization that although, I love fashion, I’m not validated by any material thing and usually the people that put labels on others are unhappy,  insecure individuals. I also realized that I only have one shot at life and I should step out on faith and go after my dreams. After all people are going to talk about you no matter what you are doing and that’s not my business or concern!! I know that I’m a god-fearing, smart, humble, beautiful, classy, respectful and educated black woman. I’m not defined by what I do for a living or what people think of me, my past mistakes or my failures. I’m definied by my Christian walk. I was born with purpose, destiny, resilience and amazing drive for a reason. On top of all of that I’ve been blessed with gifts that come natural and effortless to me. I’m not diminishing my degrees, my accomplishments or previous accolades. I know that those achievements are all apart of my continued journey. However, I’m reminded of the old adage,“ choose a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life”. I absolutely love working for my self: I love fashion, styling, blogging, helping people, talking to people, encouraging them, smiling, laughing and giving advice. I’ve never enjoyed working on the weekends until now. The weekends give me so much to look forward to: participating in events, meeting new clients, selling my products and networking has been a very humbling yet amazing experience. Although my physical body may get tired at times, my spirit is always strong!! I’m so excited about this new business journey that life has me on and I know that as long as I keep God first that “HE” is going to take me to places that I’ve always dream of!!! 
So grateful that my sweet-girl was here to help me out on Small Business Saturday. 
I love this sweet face soooo much.:)
What I’m wearing: Leather Bomber Jacket: Guess || I’m Unlimited T-Shirt: Graceful K Boutique ||
Lia Leggings: Graceful K Boutique ( sold out) || Grey Cross Body: Marc Jacobs || Studded Booties: Sam Edelman

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I pray that you are enjoying this  holiday season with an unbelievable amount of love,  joy and peace with your family and friends. Thanks for stopping by: Love Sharmana