This season’s hottest pieces are off the shoulder everything ( dresses, tops, jumper, etc ) and chokers. I’m utterly obsessed with them both. I just love the extra chic that a choker adds to just about anything. I was looking at my high school class picture a few days ago and I was wearing bell-bottoms, a crochet long cardigan and a choker (haha). Proving once again that everything that is old will forever be new again!:)
As per summer tradition, Quita and I struck out to explore a restaurant that we’ve never tried before. OKkkk, so Quita had tried the Beauty Shop’s Brunch but not their dinner. I’d kept saying that I wanted to try it but I never got around to it. "Beauty Shop"is such a cute name for a restaurant ; the ambiance and decor was appropriately chic. The food was pretty good too. I would certainly recommend trying it. Memphis is filled with so many awesome eateries and I especially love the ones in hip neighborhoods like Cooper-Young. 
Unlike usual we didn’t eat on the patio (which you guys know that I love)!! It’s been pretty hot so we decided to dine inside. 
What I wore: Choker || I bought the lace from Hancock's Fabric and made it myself :)) Hancock is going out of business so everything is pretty cheap || Yellow Linen Off The Shoulder Dress : Forever 21|| Wicker Flat-Forms Sandals: Zara || Black,White and Gold Clutch: Zara

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Summer is my most beloved season of the year. I adore everything that’s synonymous with summer. Trips to art galleries/shows, museums, longer days, beautiful nights, movies in the park, live music, gorgeous green pastures, pastel hydrangeas, sunbathing, spontaneous trips to the beach, water parks, festivals, un-kept hair, braids, water-ice, snow-cones, sorbet, ice-cream cones, refreshing drinks, reading on the deck, patio-dining, traveling, barbecues, fishing, weddings, easy dresses that flow with the wind, bare feet, out door concerts, people watching, family reunions, beautiful sunsets, road trips, long walks while holding hands and the list is endless.
My braids are back!! I loved the convenience of  them last summer so much that
 I’ve decided to make them a summer tradition. Not having anything to do to my hair 
while exercising and traveling makes this protective style a no brainer!!
I'm wearing the Endless Summer Maxi from Graceful K Boutique
The silhouette and the comfort of this dress is perfect for all 
body types and all occasions. 
A summer must have! 
Just click the link above to purchase while they are still available.

I'm praying for a carefree, "Endless Summer” for you and me all #Summer16.
Love, Sharmana

“THAT NEW NEW 20” (40)

This Spring, I turned another decade older and I was somewhat conflicted about it. Don’t get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful to have made it to see “40" but saying it sometimes sounds a little WEIRD (in my Kennedy's voice)!!  I don't feel 40 years old and I know that I don't look it. BTW, I mean that in the most humble way that I can say it.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I take care of myself and I plan on doing an even better job over the next year. In all honesty, it seems like just yesterday that I turned 20!:)) Which reminds me that time waits for no one so it's best that we get to really living while we can!! 
This past year has taught me more about life, people, myself and aging than ever before. I’ve learned to be content in every season and to truly trust God with every ounce of my being. In the near future, I'll share with you guys a few things that I've learned over the past year that has totally changed me for the better. 
I spent my 40th birthday on the beach with my absolute favorite girl in the whole world. 
I wanted to be by the water it's just something about the ocean thats so serene and healing.  
My Bestie Quita recently turned “40” a couple of weeks ago also and we celebrated with her over brunch at Stoney River Restaurant. 
What I wore: Zara Yellow Crop Top ||  Zara White Crochet Skirt || Sophia Webster Sandals|| Marc Jacobs handbag
What Quita wore: H&M Yellow Lace Dress || Sam Edelman Sandals || Tory Burch handbag
A few days before my actual birthday, I shared a beautiful night with friends and family.
Extremely blessed!!!
I'm SUPER excited about the next chapter of my life.Whatever God allows, I will humbly accept it with love and grace. Now to myself and all of my friends who are or have turned 40 this year ; welcome to "THAT NEW NEW 20"(40)!!!
Love, Sharmana