This season’s hottest pieces are off the shoulder everything ( dresses, tops, jumper, etc ) and chokers. I’m utterly obsessed with them both. I just love the extra chic that a choker adds to just about anything. I was looking at my high school class picture a few days ago and I was wearing bell-bottoms, a crochet long cardigan and a choker (haha). Proving once again that everything that is old will forever be new again!:)
As per summer tradition, Quita and I struck out to explore a restaurant that we’ve never tried before. OKkkk, so Quita had tried the Beauty Shop’s Brunch but not their dinner. I’d kept saying that I wanted to try it but I never got around to it. "Beauty Shop"is such a cute name for a restaurant ; the ambiance and decor was appropriately chic. The food was pretty good too. I would certainly recommend trying it. Memphis is filled with so many awesome eateries and I especially love the ones in hip neighborhoods like Cooper-Young. 
Unlike usual we didn’t eat on the patio (which you guys know that I love)!! It’s been pretty hot so we decided to dine inside. 
What I wore: Choker || I bought the lace from Hancock's Fabric and made it myself :)) Hancock is going out of business so everything is pretty cheap || Yellow Linen Off The Shoulder Dress : Forever 21|| Wicker Flat-Forms Sandals: Zara || Black,White and Gold Clutch: Zara

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