Hi guys, let me start off by apologizing for not posting in a while. I’ve been sooo busy with life and I allowed my blog to take a backseat for minute. However, I’ve committed to making a concerted effort to do better and to post much more! I know that I’ve said that before but I really do mean it!:) I miss blogging, sharing and connecting with you guys. So, let me share a few things about my blog and changes that I’m making before I give you guys all of the details on this outfit. If you follow me on FB, IG, Twitter or Pinterest, then you’ve seen outfits that I’ve posted on all of my social media sites but I didn’t post the outfits on my blog. I had every intention to write a blog about each one of those outfits and I never did get around to it. What  I’m going to do each week is write a throwback post and give you guys all of the deets on outfits that I didn’t write a post on. Essentially, I’d like my blog to be a place for you guys to gain inspiration for an outfit idea, traveling on a budget, shopping on a budget, restaurants, fitness tips, encouragement for things that you are experiencing in life and so much more. Let me also qualify a few things about many of the items I wear. Most of  the pieces I wear are no longer available because I don’t usually wear my clothes when I first buy them. If I happen to wear something that I’ve had for months or  years, I’ll try to offer an alternative. If I don’t offer an alternate, just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to try and help you locate the item or a similar item. I usually get inspiration from various places or an idea pops in my head, then I'll shop my closet and put outfits together based on that idea. I’m hoping that my site will offer the same option, along with inspiration to shop your closet, get style tips, recreate my outfits and so much more!:)
What I’m wearing: Pink Faux Fur: Zara || Army Green Off The Shoulder  Ruffle Crop Top:
Urban Outfitters || Pale Gold Metallic Pleated Skirt: Zara || Polka Dot Socks: Happi Socks 
(TJMaxx) || Gold Metallic High Heel Loafers: Gucci Marmont || 
Leopard Mini Crossbody: Free People || Rose Gold Watch: Apple 
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Love, Sharmana